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Dog Sit Walk Overnight Dog and House Sitting Services

Rest easy, knowing your furry family is in safe hands. We offer reliable, personalized overnight dog sitting, dog walking, and house sitting services.

Let Us Give Your Pup a Proper 21-Dog Salute!

Peace of mind

Hourly walks and check-ins or 24/7 overnight care for your dog or pet at home while you’re away ensure maximum comfort, familiarity for your dog, and security.

Personalized attention

We tailor our services to your pet’s unique needs and personality. Short walks. Long walks. Naps. House sitting. Overnight snuggles. We do it all.

Experienced and professional

Trustworthy dog and cat care is led by a US military veteran trained in handling diverse situations. Background checked and vetted.

trusted dog boarding and pet sitting in your home

Flexible scheduling

We adapt to your busy life, offering daytime walks, drop-in visits, and overnight stays that suit your schedule.

Regular updates

Receive photo and video updates for constant reassurance about your pet’s well-being via text message or email.

Meticulous Care

From custom dietary needs to administering medications and, of course, treats, we’ll care for your dog (or cat) as if it were our own.

The Local Dog Walking and House Sitting Pros

overnight trusted dog walkers and house sitters near Wilmington NC

Whether your furry friend needs energetic walks to burn off steam or cuddly companionship while you’re gone, we offer it all! There’s no doubt that regular walks and playtime with your dog can make a huge difference in helping them live their best lives.

But not every dog is the same.

Is your dog going through an awkward phase, or is it not the typical happy-go-lucky hound? No problem! We take care of all dogs with varying personalities, and we understand that your dog is uniquely individual.

In addition to drop-in potty breaks and walks to daylong adventures, we provide you with peace of mind knowing your precious pooch is happy, loved, and well-exercised, so you can relax.

About Me

* Certified in Dogs and Cats through the Orange County Animal Shelter System and Fear Free Shelters

* Volunteered at animal shelters in the US and around the world, helping care for stray and hungry, less fortunate street dogs in less prosperous countries

* US Navy Veteran experienced in caring for a variety of domesticated dogs and cats, shelter animals, street and stray dogs and cats, chickens, horses, donkeys, and more

From Wilmington to Jacksonville, big or small, we walk ’em all!

From gentle giants like the majestic Saint Bernard to the zippy charm of a Chihuahua, Dog Sit Walk welcomes all furry friends, big and small!

Certified Fear Free Shelters Graduate

Large Breeds: Does your playful Golden Retriever need an energetic walk to match their zest for life? Or perhaps your laid-back Bernese Mountain Dog prefers a leisurely stroll to sniff every flower. We cater to each pup’s individual needs, ensuring their walk is both physically and mentally stimulating.

Medium Breeds: From the loyal Labrador Retriever to the spirited Beagle, these medium-sized bundles of joy require walks that balance exercise and enrichment. Our experienced walkers know how to keep your adventurous Aussie Shepherd engaged or channel your Dachshund’s inner “digging dinosaur” in a safe and playful way.

Small Breeds: Don’t be fooled by their size! Tiny terriers like Jack Russells have boundless energy, while cuddly pugs need gentle walks to avoid overheating. We tailor our approach to each little personality, ensuring even the smallest pups get the exercise and pampering they deserve.

And that’s not all! We also adore mixed breeds and unique individuals, appreciating their quirky personalities and specific needs. So, whether you have a playful poodle mix who loves water games or a shy Shih Tzu who prefers gentle indoor playtime, we’re the perfect match for your fur baby!

Why Dog Lovers Make the Best Dog Watchers and House Sitters

volunteering at the dog shelter and certified dog caretaker

Imagine a furry shadow wagging its way through your life, greeting you with boundless enthusiasm every morning and becoming your silent cheerleader through thick and thin. That’s the magic of dogs, our four-legged companions who weave themselves into the fabric of our families.

They don’t judge our bad hair days or question our silly dance moves. They offer unconditional love, a wet-nosed nudge when we’re down, and endless cuddles on the couch. They’re our adventure buddies, confidantes who listen with floppy ears and soulful eyes, and personal trainers who guilt us into daily walks with their contagious enthusiasm.

They’re more than just pets; they’re family, chosen by love and bound by shared experiences. So next time you look into those trusting eyes, remember, you’re not just their human; you’re their pack, their world, and their reason to tail wag with endless joy. ❤️

And we’re honored to watch over your pet and your home when you need it!

Free Consultation

We always meet with clients beforehand to make sure that we understand your dog’s needs and to introduce ourselves to your favorite furry friend or family member. Contact us using the form below or call us today at (910) 538-4696.

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